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TOBASA BIOINDUSTRIAL DE BABAÇU S/A, a Brazilian pioneer established in 1968, stands as a renowned leader in the full industrialization of babassu coconut. Founded by Edmond Baruque and continued by his son, Edmond Baruque Filho, the company has been instrumental in developing innovative technologies and processes for the entire babassu coconut supply chain.


TOBASA's mission is to promote and manage the productive chain of babassu coconut sustainably. The company strives to provide clients with excellent products obtained from native forests, generating income for agroextractivist communities in Tocantins while maximizing capital investment results.


With a vision to become a global bioindustry reference in the Amazon, TOBASA aims to fully industrialize babassu coconut through technological innovations. The company envisions contributing to socio-environmental benefits, societal well-being, and biodiversity conservation.


  • Ethics and Transparency: Upholding high ethical standards and transparency in all operations.

  • Respect and Sustainability: Prioritizing respect for communities and the environment while ensuring sustainability.

  • Trust and Optimism: Building trust with stakeholders and fostering an optimistic outlook.

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Encouraging entrepreneurship and embracing continuous innovation.

  • Courage and Perseverance: Demonstrating courage and perseverance in overcoming challenges.

  • Idealism and Patriotism: Maintaining idealism and a sense of patriotism in corporate endeavors.


TOBASA's journey began with the processing of babassu coconut almonds for oil and protein feed. Edmond Baruque's entrepreneurial spirit led to a relentless pursuit of innovative technologies, carried on by his son. Together, they achieved significant milestones, including the development of inventive coconut cutting machines, babassu alcohol distillery, and carboactivation furnaces.

Throughout the company's trajectory intertwined with the Baruque family's history, TOBASA faced challenges but celebrated numerous achievements. The company introduced social technologies like "babassu coconut collection," leaving a lasting impact on forest areas under its geoeconomic influence.

TOBASA BIOINDUSTRIAL DE BABAÇU S/A has garnered respect as a symbol of sustainability, innovation, and social responsibility. The company continues to shape the babassu coconut industry, contributing to economic development and environmental stewardship.