We utilize AI, data science, and robust partner networks to simplify sustainability compliance, optimize sourcing, and drive authentic ESG communication.

AI-Enhanced Sustainability Compliance

Use our private compliance architecture to monitor and manage your organization's risk exposure and impact in real time

Simplify Supplier Collaboration & Traceability

Collaborate directly with your suppliers to gain a detailed understanding of product composition at the material and batch-lot level. 

Optimize Sourcing through Data Science Driven Insights

Analyze sourcing practices, materials, and supply chain risks to rapidly shift to sustainable, circular, and regenerative inputs.

Robust Partner Network Integration

Use our invite-only marketplace to discover new partners, build resilience in your supplier base, and collaborate with industry leaders in sustainability.

Third-Party Verification

Ensure the credibility of your supply chain data through digitally signed, third-party verifications. Prior to public communication, our trusted partners confirm the authenticity and accuracy of your information.

Transparent ESG Communication

Drive authentic environmental, social, and governance (ESG) communication using our platform's robust publishing features and third-party integrations. 

Continuous Improvement via Adaptive Learning

Our platform learns from your supplier collaborations and traceability data over time, making your organization more sustainable with each cycle.

Stay Updated on Market Leaders in ESG and Sustainable Procurement