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At CommonShare, our mission is to cultivate a world where sustainability is at the heart of every purchasing decision. We strive to empower brands, retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, standard owners (e.g. Fairtrade), and certification bodies (e.g. Bureau Veritas) by providing a unified platform that facilitates easy access to normalized, composable information from the supply chain. By doing so, we aim to enable informed decision-making and inspire a shift towards sustainable, circular and regenerative practices, processes, and companies. 


Building a Sustainable Society: Our Vision for a Better World

Our vision is a world where sustainability is not just a buzzword but a fundamental principle embedded in every aspect of our society. We envision:

A future that is traceable, whereby consumers and businesses can better understand the impacts of their purchasing decisions, without compromising the competitiveness of non-retail facing manufacturers and producers.

A future that is regenerative, whereby businesses strive to improve their production processes to support the regeneration of people and places.

A future that is collaborative, whereby standard owners and certification bodies understand that they each contribute a critical component to our shared definition of sustainability.

A future that is shared, where value-creating stakeholders consistently share in ownership and governance of the systems they help to create.

Our values


At CommonShare, transparency is a fundamental value that guides our actions. We recognize the importance of open and honest communication in building trust among our team members, customers, and stakeholders. By being transparent, we enable better collaboration, encourage a culture of accountability, and ensure that everyone is on the same page. We believe that transparent communication fosters a more inclusive and supportive work environment where ideas and concerns can be openly shared and addressed.


Collaboration is at the heart of our approach to work. We firmly believe that by harnessing the collective power of diverse perspectives and skills, we can achieve greater results and drive meaningful change. We actively seek partnerships and collaborations, both internally and externally, recognizing that the challenges we face require collaborative efforts to overcome. We encourage teamwork, open dialogue, and knowledge sharing among our employees, as well as with external stakeholders such as clients, suppliers, and community organizations. By fostering a collaborative culture, we tap into the collective intelligence of our team, spark innovation, and create solutions that are more comprehensive, impactful, and sustainable.


Sustainability is at the core of our business. We recognize that the well-being of our planet and future generations depends on our ability to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. We develop solutions that address the social, environmental and governance challenges faced by supply chains worldwide. Our tools are designed to optimize processes, enhance efficiency throughout the supply chain, and promote collaboration, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and responsible approach to business operations.


Our culture thrives on a pioneering spirit. We are not afraid to challenge conventional methods or explore unfamiliar territories in our quest for innovation. Our team members are emboldened to take calculated risks, move quickly, and break new ground, because we believe that's how the most transformative technologies are born. It's better to be fast and first than perfect and miss an opportunity


Our team's dedication and expertise are the driving forces behind our mission. We are passionate about creating meaningful impact and leverage our diverse backgrounds and skills to catalyze change. 

Meet our Founders

Martin Smith

CEO and Co-Founder

Abdelkader Boudih

CTO and Co-Founder

Advisory Board

Hamid Rashid

Head of Macroeconomics United Nations

Heather Deeth

Former Head of Ethical Buying Lush Cosmetics

Jahed Momand

General Partner Cerulean Ventures

Alik Hinckson

CFO World Resources Institute

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