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Understanding the Implications of the UFLPA Legislation on Your Brand

Explore the implications of the UFLPA Legislation on your brand's success and adapt accordingly.

What is UFLPA

The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) is a US law that bans the import of goods made with forced labor from China's Xinjiang Region. It addresses human rights concerns, alleging forced labor and abuses in the region. If passed, companies would need to certify their products are free from Xinjiang forced labor or face penalties.

Who does it apply to?

The UFLPA apply to all companies producing or selling goods in or to the United States that are made in Xinjiang, China or contain materials sourced from the region. It prevents goods made with forced labor in Xinjiang from entering the US market, regardless of the sector or product type. Industries like apparel, electronics, and agriculture, considered high-risk for forced labor, may face increased scrutiny if the UFLPA becomes law.

How to address it?

Companies must conduct due diligence and disclose supply chain information to prevent importing forced labor products.


The Uyghur Fair Labor Protection Act was passed in December 2021.

UFLPA Compliance Made Easy with CommonShare

UFLPA RequirementsFeatures in CommonShare
Disclosing information about supply chains
  • Track and manage suppliers

  • Identify supplier locations, labor practices, and certifications

  • Create transparency in the supply chain

  • Ensure products are not sourced from high-risk regions

Due Diligence Requirement
  • Supply chain mapping

  • Manage supplier information

Preventing imports of products made with forced labor
  • Track product origin and sourcing

  • Verify products are not sourced from UAR

  • Ensure compliance with import regulations

  • Identify suppliers operating in UAR

  • Monitor supplier labor practices

  • Source for new suppliers who comply with UFLPA

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Elevate Your Ethical Sourcing Practices with CommonShare

  • Easily gather and share data with business partners and UFLPA regulators

    Bridge data gaps with suppliers across the supply chain.

  • Stay ahead of UFLPA regulation

    Connect products to supplier-sourced materials and ingredients

  • Fill Sourcing Gaps through Sourcing Requests

    Combat non-compliance by easily identifying new sourcing partners.


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