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The Influence of EU Green Claims on Your Brand

Understand how to leverage EU Green Claims to align your brand with sustainability values and engage with environmentally conscious consumers.

What is the EU Green Claims regulation?

The EU Green Claims Directive regulates environmental claims made by companies in the EU. It establishes rules for substantiating, communicating, and verifying voluntary environmental claims and labels used by traders who market products to EU consumers. The directive aims to combat greenwashing by requiring companies to substantiate their claims with robust, science-based methods.


The Green Claims Directive proposal was adopted by the European Commission on March 22, 2023. It will now undergo the ordinary legislative procedure for approval by the European Parliament and the Council.

Who does it apply to?

The Green Claims Directive applies to voluntary environmental claims made to consumers in the EU regarding products, services, or organizations. It covers most EU operating companies, except for sectors with existing or upcoming environmental claim regulations, such as financial services. Compliance will be enforced by public authorities, and member states will need to incorporate the directive into their national legal systems once adopted.

How to address it?

To address the Green Claims Directive, Member States are required to establish legislation that ensures traders substantiate their voluntary environmental claims. Traders must provide evidence to support and verify their claims before making them. It is important to note that once adopted, the Green Claims Directive would take precedence over the UCPD (Unfair Commercial Practices Directive) in case of any conflicts between the two.

Simplify Your EU Green Claims Journey with CommonShare

EU Green Claims RequirementsFeatures in CommonShare
Substantiation of Claims
  • Traceability Management

  • Data Verification

  • Connected product pages with materials and ingredients

Communication and Transparency
  • Seamless Data Integration

  • Collaborative Data Gap Filling

  • Claims verified through digital audit trails

Accessible Information
  • Quality claim-related information via intuitive dashboard and API interfaces

  • QR Code System

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