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How the EU Digital Product Passport Shapes Your Brand

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What is the EU Digital Product Passport?

The EU Digital Product Passport is an initiative by the European Union (EU) to enhance product transparency and promote circular economy principles. It aims to provide consumers and businesses with detailed information about the environmental and social impact of products throughout their lifecycle. The passport includes comprehensive information about the product's origin, composition, and environmental performance. It covers aspects such as design, manufacturing processes, energy consumption, resource efficiency, and end-of-life considerations.


The Digital Product Passport (DPP) is currently not a enacted law or regulation, but it forms part of the proposed Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) that received approval from the European Commission in March 2022. The ESPR is anticipated to be adopted in 2024, and detailed requirements for the DPP will be outlined in subsequent Delegated Acts.

Who does it apply to?

The EU DPP has the potential to apply to various companies and industries engaged in the manufacturing, production, and distribution of consumer products. This could encompass sectors such as electronics, appliances, textiles and fashion, furniture, automotive construction materials, and more.

How to address it?

To address the Digital Product Passport (DPP), organizations should comply with the EU Green Deal and Circular Economy Action Plan, develop a product passport that meets specified conditions, associate the DPP with the product using technologies like QR codes, and make it accessible via a smart device application. Implementing the DPP offers new business opportunities, supports sustainable choices for consumers, and facilitates compliance verification by authorities.

EU Digital Product Passport made easy with CommonShare

Requirements for EU DPPFeatures in CommonShare
Physical presence of data carrier
  • Digitally embed verified claims at point of sale

  • Easily integrate data into third-party platforms

Open standards and machine-readable format
  • QR code system

  • Dashboard and API interfaces for information exchange

Verification of information
  • Claims verified through digital audit trails

  • Supply chain mapping and management

  • Tracking of sustainability claims

Detailed sustainability credentials
  • Claims verified through digital audit trails

  • Supply chain mapping and management

  • Tracking of sustainability claims

Adaptability to various product requirements
  • Platform for diverse product specifications

Interoperable format and data transfer infrastructure
  • Seamless data exchange

  • Dashboard and API interfaces for information exchange


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  • Digitally embed verified claims for enhanced credibility and transparency

    Secure digital verification for over 1500 of the most common claims

  • Effortlessly Integrate data into third party platforms

    eCommerce websites, QR Codes, product packaging

  • Stay ahead of DPP compliance by effectively tracing materials, product components, and transactions.

    Combat non-compliance by easily identifying new sourcing partners.