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Ecovia Intelligence, formerly known as Organic Monitor, is a research, consulting, and training firm specializing in the global organic and sustainable product industries. Founded in 2001, Ecovia Intelligence provides market research, strategic consulting, and educational services to companies operating in sectors such as organic food and beverages, natural and organic cosmetics, sustainable packaging, and eco-labeled products.

The company's primary focus is on sustainability in the food and cosmetic industries, including organic and natural products, fair trade, ethical sourcing, green packaging, and clean label trends. They provide valuable market insights, analysis, and forecasts to help businesses navigate the evolving landscape of the organic and sustainable product markets.

Ecovia Intelligence conducts extensive market research, tracking industry trends, consumer behavior, and regulatory developments. Through their reports, workshops, and seminars, they educate and inform companies about sustainable and organic product innovations, market opportunities, and best practices.

In addition to research and consulting, Ecovia Intelligence organizes events that bring together industry stakeholders and thought leaders. One of their notable events is the Sustainable Foods Summit, which focuses on discussing and promoting sustainability in the food and beverage industry. This summit provides a platform for industry professionals to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and explore strategies for creating a more sustainable food system.

Ecovia Intelligence also offers training programs and workshops to help companies enhance their sustainability practices and develop strategies for incorporating sustainability into their business models. These programs cover topics such as organic certification, sustainable sourcing, green marketing, and supply chain management.

As Ecovia Intelligence, the company continues to be a trusted source of information and expertise in the organic and sustainable product industries. Their research, consulting, and educational services contribute to the growth and development of these sectors, supporting businesses in adopting more sustainable practices and meeting the increasing demand for environmentally and socially responsible products.

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