Nagina Cotton Mills Ltd.

About Nagina Cotton Mills Ltd.

The mission of company is to operate state of the art spinning machinery capable of producing high quality carded and combed, cotton, core spun and blended yarn for knitting and weaving. The company will conduct its operations prudently assuring customer satisfaction and will provide profits and growth to its shareholders through; Providing quality products and services to our customers mainly engaged in the manufacturing of textile products. Manufacturing of cotton, core spun and blended yarn as per the customers’ requirements and market demand.

Exploring the global market with special emphasis on Europe and USA. Keeping pace with the rapidly changing technology by continuously balancing, modernization and replacement (BMR) of plant and machinery. Enhancing the profitability by improved efficiency and cost controls. Recruiting, developing, motivating and retaining the personnel having exceptional ability and dedication by providing them good working conditions, performance based compensation, attractive benefit program and opportunity for growth. Protecting the environment and contributing towards the economic strength of the country and function as a good