Nafeesa Textiles Limited

About Nafeesa Textiles Limited

At Nafeesa Textiles, we are passionate about unmatched quality and product innovation for yarns. Our production facility covering about 382,300 square feet is equipped with 33,936 ring spindles backed up with state of the art machinery right from Blow room to cone winding.

With the present annual production capacity 8.11 million Kgs, the current range of our product includes 100% cotton ring spun yarn of various counts ranging from 16/s to 40/s, carded and combed, both for knitting and weaving purposes. With the brand name of 7 Seas, a major portion of our production is exported to high quality conscious buyers.

Hence, the core objectives of our business activities are focused on achieving total satisfaction of our customers and business partners through consistent quality of our product.

The company has successfully shifted its focus and established itself as a manufacturer of specialized and higher value added yarns. Our most important objective is to exceed our customer’s expectations by developing innovative products and providing unique technical support services.

Our strength lies in customizing the product as per each individual customer’s requirements and specifications. Our Melange yarn stands exceptional in terms of quality and durability.