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Beyond Yoga is the buttery softest activewear & athleisure with the versatility for both being active and lounging. Female founded and led with an over 89% female identifying team, its empowering collections are responsibly made and inclusively sized for looks you can sweat in, chill in, and believe in. They’re committed to manufacturing locally from their own line of soft performance fabrics, wear-testing every size for your best fit ever, and using our profits for good. They’re here to celebrate who you are with the comfort you deserve, because you should never have to work out to fit in.

Through meticulous testing and research, they’ve designed their unique line of only the buttery softest, highest quality fabrics to create styles that perform for you. Built to last and always give more comfort, support, and softness no matter how many times you wear them (trust them, you’ll want to wear them every day - and you can.)

Local manufacturing, responsible sourcing, and the use of recycled materials help them use less energy and create less waste, all while making high quality designs that last. As technologies evolve, so do we, always striving to reduce their environmental impact as they grow. It’s their way of being soft on our planet and designing a better future for all.

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