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United States

The BAOBAB Clothing Company is the maker of sustainable performance luxury clothing that provides style and efficiency for customers to focus on dominating their hustle.

They are the outfitters for Professionals, Go-Getters, and Entrepreneurs

The combination of superior design, function, and quality. They sourced the finest materials to make the BAOBAB Polo Shirt starting with the best cotton in the world, Pima Cotton and hardware for Japan, and a craft maker in Italian. Next, they engineered a shirt that would perform and work hard for you all day.

Wardrobe efficiency is important to anyone looking to perform at their highest and maximize their productivity. The BAOBAB Polo Shirt serves as the go-to shirt for the busy, hard-working professional; Eliminating decision fatigue. Just wake, shower, BAOBAB and go.

When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you perform at your best. They design the BAOBAB to keep you looking your best for a long time.

Known as the "Tree of life", the Baobab tree grows in Africa and Australia. Legend has it that the Baobab tree can live thousands of years. The Baobab tree also provides nourishment to all who collect its fruit and water. Just like the tree, BAOBAB Clothing Company has engineered and designed its shirt to be timeless with long-lasting wearability.

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