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Allude is a German brand that specializes in the production of luxury clothes made from the best quality certified cashmere. Knit fabric sweaters, sweatshirts and pants by Allude are comfortable, durable and simple. The simplicity and classic style are admired and will be admired in the future as the brand tries its best to create timeless, subtle elegance that doesn’t follow the rules of callous fast fashion industry. Allude creates responsibly from 1993 which is the very beginning of its existence. The brand follows the philosophy of buying less clothes in a better quality. Therefore, it puts a emphasis on the exclusive quality of its cashmere sweaters, sweatshirts and pants in a classic style and comfortable look that will serve you well in various situations. Cashmere sweaters, sweatshirts, and pants are just perfect and comfortable, they give a new meaning to the word premium. Allude also conducts a number of activities to not only provide clients with the most beautiful cashmere clothes, but also to educate on caring for cashmere and mixed knitwear. The brand leads a cashmere clinic in Munich where it cleans and maintains cashmere sweaters and other knit fabric clothes regardless of the price tag attached to them. The brand shows how we should treat the clothes so they serve us for years. Allude supports the philosophy based on the respect to clients and the environment, the brand is a real precursor of a sustainable approach to fashion. Fashion that isn’t profit-oriented and creates clothes in a timeless style and the best quality. The brand never goes with the flow of cheap trends, it aspires to build their own fashion world, independent of anyone, but friendly to everyone.

Allude clothing offers a luxuriously feminine take on simple design. Choose from exquisitely tailored styles and minimal pieces in warm neutrals in the Farfetch edit. This range of clothing for women features elegant separates in soft silhouettes that are perfect for mixing and matching.

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Daglfinger Str. 67 81929 Munich, Munich, 81929