A.S.F. Fibre Mills Ltd.

About A.S.F. Fibre Mills Ltd.

MULTAZIM SPINNING MILLS LIMITED is a 100% export oriented yarn manufacturing industry, started its commercial production (export) from the middle of the year 2003.

It was only has one unit at the beginning and now it has five unit namely Multazim Spinning Mills Ltd. Unit-2, Multazim Spinning Mills Ltd. Unit-3, Matam Spinning Mills Ltd., MatamFibre Mills Ltd., A.S.F Fibre Mills Ltd ,Denim Unit, Rotor Unit, Shabnam Textile Ltd and Echo Cotton Mills Ltd. It is also an OKEO Tex100certified company and the member of the BTMA.

Since its establishment in 2003 as one of the leading spinning company in the private sector, the company has established itself as one of the most reputed and trustworthy spinning company in the country within a short span of time.

This company is a totally product oriented export related company. Since it is a carded yarn producer, it mainly manufacture products like different types of carded yarn such as 6/1,7/1,8/1,9/1,10/1,12/1, 14/1, 16/1,18/1,20/1, 22/1, 24/1, 26/1, 28/1, 30/1, 32/1, 34/1,36/1 & 40/1 etc. and as well as some other types of yarn like mélange, slave etc. They mainly focus on enhancing the capacity of overall management by investing in human development and improving working conditions. All the factories are situated in Mymensingh. It has six (06) sheds only for the established machines. It also has more twelve (12) sheds among them six (06) are for raw cotton warehouse and other six (06) are for finished yarn warehouse.

It also has another ten (10) three storied buildings to provide accommodation for the workers. Another two (02) buildings are under construction and expected to be completed within June 2013. The distance of the Factory is only about five (05) minutes walking distance from Bharadobabazaar. Multazim Spinning Mills Ltd. started its production from August 2003 with a production capacity of 50 M.Tons of export quality carded yarn and 08 M.Tons of rotor yarn per day. Now the capacity has increased to 200 M.Tons per day.

Multazim Group To become the effective largest business group in Bangladesh to support socio-economic and industrial development of the country and to be a leading group in South Asia.

Multazim Group will be an effective business group by maintaining a stable growth strategy, delivering high quality products and services, providing excellent customer care through an experienced management and operation team and ensuring good corporate governance in every step of it’s business network.