About BioPreferred

BioPreferred is a federal government-led program in the United States that encourages the use and purchase of biobased products. The program is administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and aims to promote the development, sale, and use of renewable, biobased products as alternatives to traditional petroleum-based products.

Here are key aspects of the BioPreferred program:

Biobased Product Definition: The BioPreferred program defines biobased products as those derived from renewable resources, such as plants, agricultural crops, forestry materials, and other biomass sources. These products are intended to replace or reduce the use of fossil fuel-based products.

Biobased Product Certification: The BioPreferred program offers a voluntary certification process for biobased products. Manufacturers can submit their products for evaluation and testing to determine the percentage of biobased content they contain. If the product meets the required criteria, it may receive certification and be eligible to display the BioPreferred label.

BioPreferred Label: Products that meet the certification requirements can display the BioPreferred label on their packaging or marketing materials. The label indicates the percentage of biobased content in the product and helps consumers identify and choose biobased alternatives.

Product Categories: The BioPreferred program covers a wide range of product categories, including cleaning and maintenance products, construction materials, lubricants, fuels, office supplies, and many others. The program continues to expand its list of eligible product categories as more products meet the certification criteria.

Federal Procurement Preference: The BioPreferred program also includes a federal procurement preference, which gives priority to biobased products in government purchasing decisions. Federal agencies are encouraged to give preference to BioPreferred products when making procurement decisions to support the use of renewable, biobased alternatives.

The BioPreferred program promotes the development and use of biobased products as a means to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, support agricultural markets, and contribute to a more sustainable economy. The program provides consumers and federal agencies with a clear and recognizable label to identify and choose biobased products.

For more information about the BioPreferred program, including the certification process and eligible products, it is recommended to visit the official BioPreferred website managed by the USDA.