Responsible Down Standard

About Responsible Down Standard

The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) is a global certification program that ensures the humane treatment of aniamls in the down supply chain. It was developed by Textile Exchange, an international non-profit organization, in collaboration with stakeholders from the down industry, animal welfare organizations, and other relevant parties.

The RDS establishes requirements and criteria for the responsible sourcing and handling of down and feathers. It covers all stages of the supply chain, from farm to final product, including the treatment of the animals, traceability of the materials, and transparency in labeling.

Key principles of the Responsible Down Standard include:

Animal Welfare: The RDS prohibits live plucking and force-feeding of ducks and geese. It requires that animals are treated with respect and provided with appropriate living conditions.

Traceability: The RDS requires full traceability of down and feathers from the farm to the final product. It ensures that the down comes from farms that comply with the standard's animal welfare requirements.

Independent Verification: The RDS requires that certified entities undergo third-party audits to verify compliance with the standard's requirements. This ensures transparency and credibility of the certification process.

Transparency and Labeling: Products that meet the RDS requirements can use the RDS logo to communicate their commitment to responsible sourcing. This helps consumers make informed choices and support brands that prioritize animal welfare.

By choosing products with the RDS certification, consumers can have confidence that the down and feathers used in the products come from sources that prioritize the welfare of the animals. It provides assurance that the down was sourced in an ethical and responsible manner, without causing harm or unnecessary suffering to the animals.

The RDS has gained widespread adoption in the bedding, apparel, and outdoor industries, with many leading brands and manufacturers incorporating it into their sourcing and production processes. It has become a trusted standard for ensuring the ethical treatment of animals in the down supply chain and promoting transparency and accountability in the industry.

In summary, the Responsible Down Standard is a certification program that promotes the humane treatment of ducks and geese in the down industry. It provides consumers with a reliable way to identify products that meet strict animal welfare criteria and encourages brands to adopt responsible sourcing practices.