About Bonsucro

Bonsucro is a multi-stakeholder association established to reduce the environmental and social impacts of sugarcane, by designing a Standard and program to transform the sugarcane industry. Bonsucro certified sugarcane products, processes and services will soon be available for purchase. Bonsucro certified products and companies will be third-party verified by Bonsucro's Standard, which provides principles and criteria for environmental responsibility, social development, economic return, and good industry practices.
A Bonsucro certificate is internationally recognised and respected. By achieving a certificate, you can improve your image, achieve sustainability procurement goals, build partnerships to tackle sustainability issues together.
There are two types of Bonsucro certification– one on the production end of the supply chain and one on the trading side of the supply chain. The two work together to ensure that sugarcane production benefits producer communities, ensures people are treated fairly and creates long-lasting, traceable supply chains.
Production Standard:
The Production Standard helps farmers and mills to measure productivity alongside key environmental and social impacts. It can be used by all sugarcane mills and farms to demonstrate sustainable production.
Benefits include:

  • You gain new ways to measure your performance
  • Workers gain new knowledge and skills
  • You will prove to buyers you are serious about sustainability
    Chain of Custody Standard
    The Chain of Custody Standard enables brands to trace sugarcane from the origin to the end product. It allows brands to make sustainability claims about their sugarcane sourcing.
    Benefits include:
  • Helps you credibly meet sustainability sourcing targets
  • Gives you the option to make on product claims
  • Provides a narrative on sustainability that both buyers and sellers understand