About Bonsucro

Bonsucro is a global multi-stakeholder platform and certification scheme for sustainable sugarcane production. It aims to promote environmentally and socially responsible practices within the sugarcane industry. Bonsucro provides a set of standards and criteria that sugarcane producers, mills, and supply chain actors can follow to achieve sustainable production and sourcing.

The Bonsucro Certification Program sets out requirements for sugarcane production in areas such as:

Environmental Management: Bonsucro promotes the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, including soil, water, and biodiversity. It encourages the adoption of best practices to minimize negative environmental impacts.

Social Responsibility: Bonsucro addresses labor rights, occupational health and safety, and community engagement. It aims to improve working conditions, support fair labor practices, and respect the rights of communities affected by sugarcane production.

Ethical Business Practices: Bonsucro encourages transparency, accountability, and responsible business conduct within the sugarcane industry. It promotes fair trade principles, anti-corruption measures, and ethical sourcing practices.

Certification under the Bonsucro standard provides assurance to buyers and consumers that the sugarcane used in products has been produced in a sustainable and responsible manner. It helps create market opportunities for certified producers and promotes the demand for sustainably sourced sugarcane.

Bonsucro also works towards continuous improvement within the sugarcane industry by providing guidance, training, and capacity-building initiatives to support producers in adopting sustainable practices.

Overall, Bonsucro plays a significant role in driving positive change in the sugarcane sector, promoting sustainability, and encouraging social and environmental responsibility throughout the supply chain.