About Bluesign® standard

The Bluesign® Standard is a comprehensive system that addresses environmental and chemical management in the textile and apparel industry. It was developed by the Swiss organization bluesign technologies ag with the aim of promoting sustainable practices and reducing the environmental impact of textile production.

The Bluesign® Standard focuses on five key principles:

Resource Productivity: The standard encourages the efficient use of resources such as energy, water, and chemicals throughout the production process. It aims to minimize waste generation and optimize resource utilization.

Consumer Safety: Bluesign® ensures that the final textile products are free from harmful substances that could pose risks to human health. It sets strict requirements for the use of chemicals, including limitations on hazardous substances and banned chemicals.

Air Emissions: The standard addresses air emissions during textile manufacturing, aiming to minimize the release of pollutants and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It sets limits and guidelines for emissions control and promotes the use of cleaner technologies.

Water Emissions: Bluesign® aims to reduce water pollution by setting stringent criteria for wastewater treatment and discharge. It encourages the use of water-efficient processes and the elimination or reduction of hazardous chemicals in wastewater.

Occupational Health and Safety: The standard promotes safe and healthy working conditions for employees in the textile industry. It addresses aspects such as workplace safety, chemical handling, and worker protection measures.

To achieve Bluesign® certification, textile manufacturers must undergo a comprehensive assessment of their production processes, chemical management, and environmental performance. This assessment is conducted by bluesign technologies ag or its accredited partners. The certification process involves evaluating the compliance with the standard's criteria and continuous improvement in environmental performance.

Bluesign® certification provides assurance to brands, retailers, and consumers that the certified textile products have been manufactured using sustainable processes and meet high standards of environmental and consumer safety. It also encourages collaboration between supply chain partners, including textile mills, chemical suppliers, and brands, to promote responsible production practices.

By adopting the Bluesign® Standard, textile manufacturers can benefit from improved efficiency, reduced environmental impact, enhanced market reputation, and access to environmentally conscious brands and retailers.