Aquaculture Stewardship Council - ASC Tilapia

About Aquaculture Stewardship Council - ASC Tilapia

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) is an independent, global nonprofit organization that sets standards for responsible aquaculture practices and provides certification for sustainable seafood products. One of the species for which ASC has developed standards is tilapia.

ASC Tilapia certification is awarded to tilapia farms that meet the strict requirements set by the ASC standard. These standards cover a range of environmental, social, and governance criteria, ensuring that tilapia farming operations minimize their impact on the environment, promote responsible resource management, and prioritize the well-being of workers and local communities.

To achieve ASC Tilapia certification, farms must undergo a thorough assessment process that includes:

Environmental Criteria: Farms must demonstrate responsible use of water and land, biodiversity conservation, and effective management of waste and chemical inputs. They should also minimize the risk of escapes and interactions with wild populations.

Social Criteria: Farms must adhere to fair labor practices, respect the rights of workers, provide safe and healthy working conditions, and engage with local communities. They should contribute positively to the social well-being and development of the surrounding areas.

Traceability and Transparency: Certified farms must ensure the traceability of their tilapia products from farm to market, allowing consumers to make informed choices. Transparency in reporting and disclosure is also emphasized.

Compliance with Local Regulations: Farms must comply with all relevant local laws and regulations related to aquaculture, environmental protection, and labor rights.

ASC Tilapia certification provides consumers with confidence that the tilapia they purchase has been produced in a sustainable and responsible manner. It rewards farms that have made significant efforts to minimize their environmental impact, prioritize social responsibility, and support the long-term viability of tilapia farming.

By choosing ASC-certified tilapia, consumers support environmentally sound practices, contribute to the conservation of aquatic ecosystems, and promote the well-being of communities associated with tilapia farming.