Considered a « watershed » in the fight against slave and child labor in the fashion retail value chain, the ABVTEX Program represents the sectorial effort of retail chains to implement the best compliance pratices among their suppliers and subcontractors, Launched in 2010, the Program was a reponse by ABVTEX in favor of the use of decent work in the production chain of fashion articles, and has been improved over time. The goal is to become an international reference in the next five years. Initially restricted to the supply chain of signatory retailers, who voluntarily adhere to the Program, assuming the commitment to audit and monitor 100% of their chain and only purchase products from companies approved in the audits, the ABVTEX Program has expanded its exclusive character. The current version of the Regulation contemplates the condition of carrying out an audit without having a link with a retailer and being classified as « Audited ». Offering the possibility to all those interested in auditing and qualifying to supply to retail chains. The greatest legacy of the ABVTEX Program has been the union of retail companies, which operate in a highly competitive market, around a common cause: the sustainable development of the value chain and the application of compliance rules along the supply chain. The Program has a Steering Committee to regulate its activities and has the support of an Advisory Council formed by entities representing society and the government. Participants meet regularly to review progress and make valuable contributions to the improvement of the Program. Since 2010, the ABVTEX Program has carried out more than 36 thousand audits on clothing and its subcontractors. These numbers are impressive due to their magnitude: 3,732 certified companies 628 Municipalities in 18 states 330,817 direct jobs 37,770 audits carried out since 2010