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Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G) is a well-established certification body and membership organization based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1982, OF&G operates as a for-profit entity with a mission to promote and support organic farming and ensure the integrity of organic certification.

As a certification body, OF&G plays a vital role in the organic industry by providing third-party verification and certification services to farmers, growers, processors, and retailers. Their certification process involves rigorous assessment and auditing of organic operations to ensure compliance with strict organic standards and regulations. This includes verifying the use of organic farming practices, the avoidance of synthetic chemicals, and the maintenance of high standards for environmental sustainability and animal welfare.

OF&G not only certifies organic operations but also provides extensive support and guidance to its members. Through technical advice, training programs, and information resources, they assist organic farmers and growers in navigating the complexities of organic certification and staying up-to-date with evolving standards. This support helps farmers optimize their organic production, enhance their understanding of sustainable agriculture, and address any challenges they may face.

As a for-profit organization, OF&G is dedicated to advancing the interests of its members and the organic sector as a whole. Any surplus income generated by their activities is reinvested back into the organization to fund initiatives that further promote organic farming and certification. This includes educational programs, research projects, advocacy efforts, and the development of resources and tools for organic farmers and consumers.

OF&G actively engages with government bodies, industry stakeholders, and consumers to promote the benefits of organic farming and the importance of organic certification. They advocate for policies and regulations that support the growth and integrity of the organic sector, striving to create a sustainable and transparent food system.

Through its certification services and support programs, OF&G contributes to the trust and transparency of organic products in the market. Their certification seal on a product provides assurance to consumers that it has met stringent organic standards. This helps consumers make informed choices aligned with their values of sustainability, environmental protection, and health.

Overall, Organic Farmers and Growers plays a crucial role in the organic farming industry in the UK. By providing certification services, supporting organic farmers, and advocating for the organic sector, they contribute to the growth and success of sustainable agriculture while ensuring consumer confidence in organic products.