Olive Oil Commission of California

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About Olive Oil Commission of California

The Olive Oil Commission of California (OOCC) is a nonprofit organization established in 2014 to promote and regulate the production of olive oil in California. The commission's primary goal is to ensure the quality and authenticity of California-produced olive oil, protect consumer interests, and support the growth and sustainability of the state's olive oil industry.

The OOCC operates under the authority of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and is governed by a board of directors composed of olive oil producers and industry representatives. The commission's activities are funded through assessments on olive oil producers in California.

One of the main functions of the OOCC is to establish and enforce quality standards for California olive oil. These standards include strict requirements for labeling, testing, and certification to ensure that olive oil labeled as "California Olive Oil" meets specific quality and authenticity criteria. The commission conducts regular inspections and testing of olive oil samples to verify compliance with these standards.

In addition to quality assurance, the OOCC also engages in educational and promotional activities to raise awareness about California olive oil and its benefits. The commission supports research and development initiatives, provides educational resources for olive oil producers, and promotes the consumption of California olive oil through marketing campaigns and events.

By regulating the industry and promoting high-quality olive oil, the OOCC aims to foster consumer confidence, protect the reputation of California olive oil, and contribute to the economic growth and sustainability of the state's olive oil sector.

It is important to note that the OOCC specifically focuses on the regulation and promotion of olive oil produced in California and operates as a state-level organization within the United States.