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IQ Net, also known as International Certification Network, is not an organization or entity in itself, but rather a network of certification bodies. IQ Net provides a platform for collaboration and mutual recognition among its member certification bodies. It was established in 1991 as a response to the increasing demand for international certification services.

IQ Net member certification bodies are independent entities that offer certification services in various fields such as quality management, environmental management, occupational health and safety, and other management systems. These bodies collaborate through IQ Net to share knowledge, best practices, and resources, as well as to provide joint certification services to clients.

The aim of IQ Net is to enhance the credibility and value of certification by promoting consistency and mutual recognition among member certification bodies. This means that if a company or organization is certified by one of the IQ Net member bodies, it is generally recognized and accepted by other member bodies without the need for additional assessments or audits.

The network operates based on common principles and guidelines to ensure the integrity and reliability of certification services. It focuses on maintaining high professional standards, impartiality, and transparency in the certification process.

It's important to note that IQ Net itself does not provide certification services directly to organizations or companies. Instead, it serves as a platform for collaboration and coordination among its member certification bodies. Each member body operates independently and is responsible for conducting certification assessments and issuing certificates based on their specific expertise and accreditation.

Overall, IQ Net plays a role in promoting consistency and mutual recognition among certification bodies, which contributes to the credibility and value of certifications in various fields.