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Green Globe is a global certification program and sustainability management system that was founded in 1993. It is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, California, with offices and representatives in various countries around the world. Green Globe provides certification and verification services to businesses operating in the tourism, hospitality, and travel sectors, aiming to promote sustainable practices and responsible tourism.

The Green Globe certification program evaluates and assesses businesses based on a set of criteria that cover a wide range of sustainability aspects, including environmental performance, social responsibility, cultural heritage, and economic benefits to local communities. These criteria are aligned with internationally recognized standards and best practices in sustainable tourism, such as those established by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

Businesses that meet the rigorous standards set by Green Globe are awarded the Green Globe certification, indicating their commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism practices. The certification process involves an on-site audit conducted by independent auditors who assess the business's operations, management, and performance in relation to the established criteria.

In addition to certification, Green Globe provides ongoing support and guidance to certified businesses to help them improve their sustainability performance and achieve their environmental and social goals. This includes access to tools, resources, and training programs that assist businesses in implementing sustainable practices, reducing their environmental footprint, and maximizing their positive impact on local communities.

Green Globe also serves as a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing among its certified members, facilitating the exchange of best practices and promoting continuous improvement in sustainable tourism. The organization actively engages with industry stakeholders, governments, and communities to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability in tourism and advocate for responsible practices.

As a non-profit organization, Green Globe operates with the mission of advancing sustainability in the tourism industry and driving positive change towards a more environmentally and socially responsible future. It generates revenue through membership fees, certification services, and related consulting and training offerings, which are reinvested into its operations and sustainability initiatives.

Overall, Green Globe plays a significant role in promoting sustainable tourism practices and fostering a global network of businesses committed to environmental and social responsibility in the tourism and hospitality sector.