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COSMOS (COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard) is a globally recognized certification program for natural and organic cosmetics and personal care products. It was developed by five leading European certification bodies: BDIH (Germany), Cosmebio (France), Ecocert Greenlife SAS (France), ICEA (Italy) and Soil Association (UK) to harmonize the various national standards for organic and natural cosmetics.

The COSMOS standard sets out strict requirements for the use of natural and organic ingredients, as well as for the processing and manufacturing of cosmetic products. It covers a range of issues, including environmental sustainability, consumer safety, and social responsibility.

To achieve COSMOS certification, companies must undergo a rigorous certification process that includes an inspection of their production facilities, an evaluation of their ingredients and raw materials, and a review of their product formulations and labeling. COSMOS certification is recognized globally and indicates that a product has met the highest standards for organic and natural cosmetics.

COSMOS has been widely adopted by cosmetic and personal care companies around the world, and the standard continues to evolve to keep pace with advances in science and technology. The goal of COSMOS is to promote transparency and sustainability in the cosmetic industry and to provide consumers with a reliable way to identify natural and organic cosmetic products that are both safe and effective.

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