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COSMOS (COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard) is a widely recognized certification standard for organic and natural cosmetics and personal care products. It was established in 2010 through the collaboration of several European certification bodies and cosmetic industry associations, with the aim of promoting the use of organic and natural ingredients in cosmetic formulations while ensuring environmental sustainability and responsible practices throughout the supply chain.

COSMOS sets stringent criteria for the sourcing and processing of ingredients, as well as for the formulation and manufacturing of cosmetic products. It requires that a certain percentage of ingredients used in the product be organic, and it defines guidelines for the use of natural and naturally derived ingredients. The standard also places limitations on the use of synthetic chemicals, GMOs, and animal testing, promoting cruelty-free practices and the preservation of biodiversity.

In addition to ingredient and formulation requirements, COSMOS also addresses other aspects of sustainability. It includes guidelines for packaging, promoting the use of environmentally friendly materials and minimizing waste. It encourages responsible sourcing and production practices, supporting fair trade and social responsibility. The standard also emphasizes transparency and traceability, requiring clear and accurate labeling of certified products.

COSMOS is recognized globally and has become a trusted symbol for consumers seeking organic and natural cosmetics. It provides assurance that certified products meet rigorous standards of integrity, safety, and environmental responsibility. Many cosmetic brands and manufacturers choose to have their products certified under COSMOS to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and meet the growing demand for organic and natural beauty products.

Furthermore, COSMOS has helped harmonize and streamline certification processes across different countries and organizations. It has established a common set of guidelines and requirements that certifiers can adhere to, ensuring consistency and credibility in the certification of organic and natural cosmetics worldwide.

Overall, COSMOS plays a significant role in promoting sustainable and responsible practices in the cosmetics industry. By setting high standards for organic and natural ingredients, as well as manufacturing processes and packaging, COSMOS contributes to a more environmentally conscious and ethical beauty sector.

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The certification uses a multi-stakeholder, independent governance model to support the development of the standards related to the certification.

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Buy side availability details out how easy it is for consumers to find products and companies exhibiting the standards offered by the certification.

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How easy is it for innovative new companies, startups, and local retailers to have the same access and affordable pricing models to use standard information in digital applications.

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Details on the certificate are easily available via technology for inclusion in third party digital applications.


This considers the scale of the certification, and the number of products and companies that currently contribute to the certificate. National and local certification are normalized with countries.

How our Standard Owner Benchmark® Works?

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This is a benchmark to help companies understand which standards should be part of a sustainable procurement plan. Further, the benchmark allows standard setting schemes, i.e. "Standard Owners", to benchmark their performance versus industry peers.