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About United States Fashion Industry Association

US Fashion Industry Association (USFIA)

The US Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of the U.S. fashion industry in the global market. USFIA's members include brands, retailers, importers, and wholesalers of textiles and apparel that operate in the U.S. and around the world. USFIA's mission is to advocate for free and fair trade, eliminate tariff and non-tariff barriers, and provide information and education to its members and the public.

What USFIA does

USFIA provides a variety of services and benefits to its members, such as:

  • Policy and advocacy: USFIA works with the U.S. government, foreign governments, and international organizations to promote trade policies that benefit the fashion industry and consumers. USFIA also monitors and analyzes trade developments and regulations that affect the industry and informs its members of the latest updates and opportunities.
  • Information and analysis: USFIA publishes reports, newsletters, webinars, and events that cover the most relevant topics and trends in the fashion industry, such as sourcing, sustainability, technology, and innovation. USFIA also conducts an annual benchmarking survey that provides insights into the industry's performance, challenges, and outlook.
  • Networking and collaboration: USFIA connects its members with key stakeholders across the value chain, such as service providers, suppliers, and industry groups. USFIA also facilitates dialogue and cooperation among its members and partners on common issues and initiatives.

How USFIA supports sustainability

USFIA is committed to advancing sustainability in the fashion industry and supporting its members' efforts to reduce their environmental and social impacts. USFIA's sustainability activities include:

  • Education and awareness: USFIA provides its members with information and resources on sustainability best practices, standards, and tools. USFIA also organizes sustainability-focused events and webinars that feature experts and case studies from the industry and beyond.
  • Advocacy and engagement: USFIA advocates for trade policies that encourage and reward sustainability in the fashion industry, such as preferential tariffs, duty-free access, and environmental cooperation. USFIA also engages with various stakeholders, such as governments, NGOs, and consumers, to raise awareness and foster collaboration on sustainability issues and solutions.
  • Innovation and development: USFIA supports innovation and development in the fashion industry that aim to improve sustainability performance and outcomes. USFIA partners with research institutions, technology providers, and development agencies to explore and promote new ideas and approaches that can enhance the industry's efficiency, quality, and competitiveness.