Jaguar Land Rover Automotive

United Kingdom
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About Jaguar Land Rover Automotive

Jaguar Land Rover Automotive plc is a British car company that makes luxury vehicles. It's part of Tata Motors, an Indian car company. Jaguar makes fancy sports cars and sedans, while Land Rover is known for its high-end off-road vehicles. They blend old-school British craftsmanship with new technology and have factories and dealerships all over the world.

Jaguar Land Rover is big on innovation. They spend a lot of money on research to make their cars more electric, connected, and even able to drive themselves. They're focusing on electric cars and have a popular one called the Jaguar I-PACE. They're also working on making their cars lighter and more efficient with things like aluminum.

In the market, Jaguar Land Rover is a major player, especially in places like Europe, North America, and China. They've faced some challenges but are trying to stay ahead with a plan called Reimagine. This plan is all about making Jaguar Land Rover a leader in sustainability, aiming to have no carbon emissions by 2039. They're changing the way they do things to embrace electric cars and give customers better experiences.