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H&M Group is a family of brands and businesses, driven by the desire to make great design available to everyone, in a more sustainable way. They offer fashion, design, and services that inspire and enable people to express their style while making it easier to live more circular.Their transformation:The rapid shift in fashion retail continues. For this reason, H&M accelerates its digital development and integrates digital and physical channels to create a smooth and inspiring experience for its customers. According to H&M, improved ways of working will make them more flexible, fast, and efficient. Ever-increasing customer expectations show that H&M works passionately to offer the best combination of fashion, quality, price, and sustainability.Textile Exchange’s Material Insights Change:In the 2019 report, H&M Group leads the volume sourcing rank of organic cotton and down, certified by the Responsible Down Standard. H&M Group is also recognized as one of the world’s biggest users of recycled cotton, recycled wool, recycled nylon, and lyocell.

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