Simplify your AGEC compliance efforts and stay ahead of regulatory requirements

Discover how CommonShare's comprehensive traceability solution simplifies the process of navigating AGEC compliance. With our innovative platform, businesses can effortlessly collect, verify, and manage product traceability data, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain.

Understanding AGEC: How the Legislation Reshapes Your Brand

Explore the key implications of AGEC on your brand and uncover new opportunities for growth and innovation

What is the AGEC Legislation?

AGEC (Décret n° 2022-748) stands for Anti-waste law for a circular economy and it's a French regulation enacted in February 2022. It requires businesses to trace their product's journey throughout the supply chain, collecting and storing data on origin, composition, packaging, and distribution. The aim is to reduce waste, promote a circular economy, and ensure product safety and quality.


The AGEC (Décret n° 2022-748) decree became effective on May 1, 2022.

The deadlines and conditions for compliance are as follows:

Who does it apply to?

The law is applicable to any merchandise sold within the geographical boundaries of France.

How to address it?

To address AGEC compliance, companies need to involve multiple departments, such as Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Production, Quality Assurance, Sales and Marketing, IT, Environmental and Sustainability, and Legal and Compliance. These departments play a role in implementing traceability systems, collaborating with suppliers, aligning manufacturing processes, meeting standards, communicating AGEC-related information, managing data, driving sustainability initiatives, and ensuring legal compliance.

AGEC Compliance made easy with CommonShare

AGEC RequirementsFeatures in CommonShare
Product Traceability
  • Data collection

  • Data verification

  • Traceability management

  • Connected product pages with materials and ingredients

Transparency and Information Disclosure
  • Verified claims embedding

  • Seamless data integration

  • Collaborative data gap filling

Supplier Data Management
  • Traceability management

  • Collaborative platform

  • Sourcing new suppliers who comply with AGEC


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Enhance supply chain visibility with CommonShare's platform

  • Stay compliant and ahead of AGEC regulation by effectively tracing materials, product components, and transactions.

    Product pages connect via product cloud to material and ingredients from suppliers .

  • Compliance officers effortlessly collect and share traceability data with business partners and regulators

    Collaborative fill in data gaps with suppliers across the supply chain.

  • Track All Performance for ESG Compliance within One Easy to Use Platform

    Track all sourcing, verification, traceability, and other updates within one dashboard.