About Certified Vegan

Certified Vegan is a label or certification program that verifies products as being free from any animal-derived ingredients and not tested on animals. It provides assurance to consumers who follow a vegan lifestyle or have ethical concerns about using animal products.

The Certified Vegan logo or label is typically displayed on packaging to indicate that the product has undergone a verification process and meets the criteria set by the certifying organization. The specific requirements for obtaining the certification may vary slightly between certifying bodies, but they generally include the following:

No Animal Ingredients: The product should not contain any animal-derived ingredients, such as meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, or any other substances derived from animals.

No Animal Testing: The product should not be tested on animals at any stage of its development, including ingredients and final formulations. This requirement promotes cruelty-free practices.

Manufacturing Practices: The manufacturing processes should also adhere to vegan principles, ensuring that there is no cross-contamination with animal-derived ingredients and that animal testing is not conducted by suppliers or subcontractors.

Certified Vegan certifications are usually granted by independent organizations or nonprofit entities that specialize in verifying and labeling vegan products. These organizations have their own standards and criteria for certification, and they may conduct audits or inspections to ensure compliance.

The Certified Vegan label provides consumers with a reliable way to identify products that align with their vegan values and dietary preferences. It offers transparency and helps shoppers make informed choices while supporting companies that offer vegan-friendly options.