A common protocol for sustainable, transparent, resilient supply chains.

A Major Coordination Challenge


Consumers are Confused

Consumption makes up 60% of world GDP, yet consumers are completely confused as to what sustainability actually means.


Companies Must Collaborate

Compliance officers are dealing with antiquated systems. In a more complex regulatory environment, eco-claims carry significant risk when communicated poorly.

Solved by a Common Protocol


Data Layer

Composable data layer built on top of 1,000 standards and eco-claims.


Collaborative Compliance

Collaborative and engaging vendor management tools that simplify compliance for internal teams and partners.


Authentic Communications

Plug and play technology suite to engage consumers authentically at every point of sale.

A Multi-Stakeholder Platform for Sustainable Procurement

Retailers and Brands
Retailers and brands are able to authentically communicate sustainability based on digitally auditable supply chain information.
Suppliers and Producers
Producers and suppliers are able to more effectively engage current customers while finding new buyers committed to sustainability.
Certification Bodies
Certification bodies provide real time verification of products, facilities, companies, and transactions.
Standard Owners
Standard owners committed to digitization can participate in an efficient digital ecosystem while preserving their independence.

Solutions Across the Sustainable Company

Track compliance programs across all certified partners.
Authentically communicate sustainability at all points of sale.
More efficiently manage vendor facility, product, and company information.
Find new sustainable sourcing partners.
Business Development
Find new trading partners and showcase your sustainable offerings.
Thought Leadership
Demonstrate your company’s leadership through news and editorial.

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