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CommonShare is a digital commons built in partnership with data aggregators, certifications bodies, retailers, and manufacturers to simplify sustainable procurement for all.

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Drive Sustainability Strategy Based on Evidence

Learn from the best by adopting strategies and interventions that are proven to drive increased impact for companies like yours.

Unbundle Sustainable Procurement

Forget one-size-fits-all. Choose or bring your own tools for product tracing, environmental impact assessments (LCA/PEF), sourcing, and more. Explore our marketplace for more options.

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Incentivize Primary Data Collection

Engage in an ecosystem designed to motivate both aggregators and individual firms to exchange data securely, safeguarding intellectual property and promoting scalable solutions.

Ensure Data Quality and Sovereignty

Our protocols and standards ensure data is consistently high-quality and submitted securely, protecting your intellectual property and privacy.

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Authenticate Supply Chain Data

Trust in supply chain data certified through trusted ISO-accredited certification bodies and/or opt for trustless verification through zero-knowledge proofs and immutable ledgers.

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Build Your Bench of Expertise

Overcome knowledge gaps with access to our extensive network of sustainability experts from hundreds of leading firms.

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