Manage transparent, sustainable, efficient value chains.

CommonShare offers businesses a pre-competitive platform for building and managing sustainable supply chains

Empower Your Suppliers to Manage and Grow Their Sustainable Offerings Through a Simple Compliance and Procurement Dashboard

Merchandising Meets Sustainability

Invite your suppliers to manage their digital products and verified claims in one place.

Build Compelling ESG Narrative Using Supply Chain Data

Share your ESG story through cross-platform publishing tools.

Analyze Cross Platform Performance

Analyze performance of your campaigns.

Why join CommonShare?

Manage Your Supplier Network

Manage your supplier network through an intuitive dashboard that drives efficiency for sustainability, merchandising, and marketing teams.

Easy Compliance Verification

Verify product, facility, and vendor level compliance across hundreds of certifications. Maintain up to date digital certificates authenticated by both standard owners and certification bodies.

Powerfully Communicate ESG

Utilize verified supply chain data to build influential campaigns that reach consumers at on and online points of sale.

Quantitatively Analyze Performance

Analyze cross-channel engagement metrics to drive increased return on investment for your sustainable communication investments.

Our Solutions


Manage product, facility, and vendor level sustainability compliance information in a hosted, secure, easy to use cloud environment.

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Manage order requests to current vendors and discover new suppliers that fill your merchandising and sourcing gaps.

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Build campaigns and powerfully communicate ESG to influential stakeholders where they shop, on and online.

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Digitize Your Sustainable Value Chain