Qingdao Textiles Group Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.

About Qingdao Textiles Group Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Textiles Group Fiber Technology Co. Ltd., Qingdao Textiles Fabric Co. Ltd. is a professional company in multi-component, differentiation, functional yarn and textile, fabric production, sales, service as one of the, is Qingdao Textiles Group core business unit group, functional knitted underwear fabrics, multicomponent woven fabrics, sweaters, high-end home furnishing supplies, special health socks provide differentiated yarn function, ecological, technology, fashion, as the functional brand casual clothing, well-known dyeing factory, home textile and hotel bedding provide multiple components, functional fabrics and health, comfortable home textile fabric.

Qingdao Textiles Group Fiber Technology Co. Ltd. has a production base yarn Qingdao Associated Textile Qiyi Textile Co. Ltd. and Qingdao Associated Textile Taierzhuang Textile Co., Ltd. two professional, 250000 spindles, production of siro spinning, compact spinning, siro spinning, yarn, elastic yarn Takesetsu Sa, skeleton, section of yarn spinning.

At the same time, has advanced production equipment and testing instruments, combing ability reaches 100%, no joint capacity reached 100%, 100% by twine twister, realize the ply yarn without joint. Qingdao Textiles Fabric Co. Ltd.has Qingdao Associated Textile Yinlong Textile Co. Ltd. as a professional fabric production base, complete and perfect, advanced equipment, has wide cloth machine more than 600 Taiwan, including Tsuda Ko of Japan, Belgium Bijianuo 190cm jet loom (with small jacquard, serging device); Tsuda Ko 280cm, 340cm of Belgium air-jet loom; Bijianuo 360cm jet loom and Shi Tao, Bill Bonas jacquard loom. Company has strong technical strength, has R & D center professional, was named as the "provincial enterprise technology center".

The company always adhere to the "direction of development characteristics of textile, textile, textile science and health", dedicated to the development and application of new technology, new textile materials innovation and functional textiles, strive to create " Qingdao Textiles Group manufacturing" brand, new product R & D, production, sales in the domestic leading position, has become the strategic partner of the United States of America, Lenzing Co Outlast product certification enterprise, member, bamboo industry association DuPont Sorona project specified yarn supply partners, silk fiber core supply partners.Was named "national multicomponent differences of yarn fabric development base" China Textile Industry Association, China Cotton Textile Industry Association awarded the "China multicomponent gauze boutique base".

Company to undertake the historical culture of Qingdao textile for hundreds of years, in the course of decades of development, the company summed up the promotion of "Hao Jianxiu law" and other famous works of the country, and make positive contribution to the development of China's textile industry.

The company is located in the enjoyment of "red green trees, blue sea and sky" reputation of the international tourist destination - Qingdao, with abundant energy, abundant raw materials, transportation accessibility advantages.Warmly welcome friends at home and abroad, Tongren cooperation, realize a win-win situation!