Akcanlar Tekstil San Ve Tic A.S.

About Akcanlar Tekstil San Ve Tic A.S.

We have been adding value to production with our facilities in 2nd and 5th Organized Industrial Zone in Gaziantep since 1995!

Continuing its activities in 4 different businesses – 2 Open End spinning facilities, a Vortex yarn production facility and a Two for One twisting facility- extending over 135,000 m2 in Gaziantep 2nd and 5th Organized Industrial Zones since 1995, AKCANLAR TEKSTIL A.Ş. is very glad to be sharing its fund of knowledge and experience with the industry. Producing 36,000 tones of yarn annually in weaving and knitting torsions from Super Open End 100% Cotton, Viscose, Bamboo and the mixture of these fibers from Ne: 4/1 to 50/1; it exports 35% of its production to such countries as the USA, Germany, Poland, Portugal, France, Italy, Spain, and Pakistan.

Respect to and happiness of the individual lie at the heart of all activities of Akcanlar, whose mission is to serve humanity. Akcanlar accepts its customers, suppliers, employees, its natural surroundings and all humanity as the addressee of such happiness and respect.
“Akcanlar value mankind.”
We perpetuate customer satisfaction by fulfilling the needs and expectations of our business partners, of whom we are a supplier, in the first time, in the fastest and most affordable manner, fully and accurately without sacrificing quality and taking the ever-changing market conditions into consideration .We improve ourselves by keeping abreast of technological developments and investing more in R&D and P&D and provide added value. We create added value for our customers by producing new and more affordable products.
Our mission is to protect our reputation as the leader of the industry and quality.

Our vision is to become a firm which draws a frame for the behaviors of modern man that includes the principles of equality and justice of fundamental human rights; adopts the principle of “ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS”; is aware of the mission it has undertaken in its social surroundings and conscious of its social responsibility; constantly and distinctly increases the value it adds to its customers, employees, the society and its environment with its productivity, agility and team efficiency; is loyal to its values; is reliable; reaches large masses with its products and services; increases its product range constantly; and is the first firm that comes to mind.