Vegan and Vegetarian Certification
About Vegan and Vegetarian Certification
VegeCert is a non profit organization that certifies vegan and vegetarian food products. The Toronto Vegetarian Association consulted with VegeCert to formulate its high standards. VegeCert has two designations, “certified vegetarian” for products that do not contain any meat, poultry, fish, seafood or insects, and “certified vegan” for products that contain no animal or animal by-products whatsoever including dairy and eggs. VegeCert’s inspections are performed by COR – The Kosher Council, one of the largest and most respected kosher certification agency. COR – The Kosher Council has been servicing the food industry for over 60 years and now certifies over 65,000 products at over 1000 facilities around the world. There is considerable crossover between kosher certified food products and vegetarian and vegan diets, so VegeCert is proud to benefit from COR’s considerable expertise. VegeCert does not certify products by simply verifying a list of ingredients that make up a particular product. Our inspectors make real time inspections to our manufacturing facilities to ensure that VegeCert certified products conform to VegeCert’s high standards.
Companies Licensed to Our Standards