We are the Association that groups and represents poultry farmers and companies from all over Spain dedicated to the production of eggs. Since 1994, the laying poultry sector has joined ASEPRHU and coordinates initiatives and interests among its members and with other organizations in the sector or related. The activities of production, classification and marketing of eggs are usually grouped in the same company or in related companies, which operate in the different phases of the egg value chain, from the raising of the hens to the preparation of the eggs and their shipping ready for consumption.

For this reason, the companies control from the origin (the layer farms) the process of production, classification and handling of the egg. The traceability and control of all the factors that intervene in the activity of the Spanish egg companies guarantee the good work and the commitment of the sector with the demands of the consumer and the respect to the norms.

Sector service
The Spanish Association of Egg Producers (ASEPRHU) promotes the training of workers and entrepreneurs in the sector and provides its partners with information on topics of interest to companies (legislation, labor, tax, marketing, health, aid and subsidies, etc. .). Together with the employers' organizations of the sector, it negotiates and signs the Collective Agreement for Poultry Farms and other Animals.

It also participates in the development of regulations that affect the sector at national and community level, coordinates sectoral actions in aspects such as animal health and welfare, food safety, the environment, research or dissemination of information on the sector and the egg, and participates in international sector associations.

In addition, it coordinates joint actions with sector organizations related to the Spanish livestock and agri-food sector on animal health, welfare and feeding, management of by-products and waste, trade regulations or sector training. And it collaborates with the administrations and institutions related to the sector.

Source of knowledge and research
ASEPRHU encourages and encourages the preparation of sector studies and research projects on matters of interest to the sector (animal health and welfare, egg quality, environment, waste management, commercialization, etc.).

ASEPRHU partners have laying hen farms, packing and grading centers and market eggs. They are, for the most part, small and medium-sized companies with Spanish capital linked to the rural environment and distributed throughout the Spanish geography.

In ASEPRHU there are also some associations of regional or provincial producers that represent, manage, defend and promote the interests of their members in their particular field and coordinate the performance of the sector with their respective administrations.

Among them we can find the Catalan Poultry Federation (FAC) , the Guipúzcoa Poultry Farmers Association and the Andalusian Poultry Association. They all share with ASEPRHU the common interest of being at the service of egg producers and their companies.