About AMSE
WE LOVE FASHION WITH CAPITAL LETTERS That is why we have endeavored to change it and we know that it is possible. You are the proof that you can make fashion in a different way. But the road is long, it is full of obstacles and there is no clear direction. Raising a fashion brand from scratch is a real challenge. Doing it against the tide, keeping your purpose and values ​​sustainable is a colossal, almost irreverent challenge. But like you, we love challenges, going against the tide, and even showing off if necessary. How many times have you wondered whether to move forward with your brand? \<\< Wouldn't it be easier to dedicate myself to something else? \>\> We have asked ourselves this question a thousand times. However, the answer, a thousand times, has been the same. It is what it has to love fashion, to be convinced that it can have a positive impact and to be very stubborn. Sounds like you, right? You will also hear that feeling of loneliness. Feeling lost and not knowing where to go. Something like this, to a great degree, a group of Sevillian friends had to experience back in 2014. However, they discovered that this was not the right question. You are asking yourself the wrong question They were lost, yes, but they had a vision of the future. In February 2015 they founded the association. At the helm Silvia Muñoz Valera , a lawyer specialized in fashion law and president of AMSA in its first stage. The woman who knew how to see the future of sustainable fashion. And yes, you heard right. AMSE first was AMSA. This is not a typo. This is what it has to be born as a regional Sustainable Fashion Association in Andalusia and to become, shortly after, a national headquarters. But we will tell you that story later ... The important thing is that Silvia reformulated the question and found the right answer. How true when they say that there is no correct answer if the question is not correct. Better find out how to find the way to be stronger and stronger, do you know how? That was a good question. The correct answer was to create an association that brings together all the sustainable fashion brands. Because they say that unity is strength and it is not a cliché. Together we have found the necessary support and momentum to: Make our brands continue to grow. Convince ourselves that sustainable fashion is possible and can be profitable. Have more and more voice and capacity to transform industry and society. Now you are going to check it ... And don't be surprised with the result In just two years an association born to be regional began to grow outside the Andalusian borders. Many saw in us the compass that their brands needed. Legally we could not continue to be a regional association. 2017 was beginning and the time had come to change its registration and name. It was then that AMSA became AMSE (Sustainable Fashion Association of Spain) with Marina López Domínguez as the new president . Today we are the only association at the national level and benchmarks in Europe . But, above all, we form an increasingly large, strong and professional team in constant movement. Together we have already covered part of the journey and it fills us with satisfaction to see something that at first was hard to imagine: That a sector as competitive as fashion can be compatible with an environment of camaraderie and respect, support between brands, enthusiasm and multiple synergies. That is what is breathed every day in the Sustainable Fashion Spain group with Marina at the helm.