Agroartesanal Association of Coffee Growers Río (AACRI)
About Agroartesanal Association of Coffee Growers Río (AACRI)

Intag is an extensive transitional valley towards the northwestern Ecuadorian coast, with a tropical and subtropical climate; It is characterized by its high natural richness in flora, fauna, water sources and microclimates, ideal for the cultivation of high altitude Arabica coffee.

The coffee produced in the Intag Valley, for several generations since the 20th century, has been traditionally grown under the shade of native trees. The selective harvest of the ripe fruits and by the process of washing and drying in the sun gives it special attributes.

At the initiative of a small group of coffee producers and, with the aim of improving the marketing conditions of their product, in 1998 the Agro-artisan Association of Rio Intag coffee growers, AACRI, was created . It currently has more than 100 active partners, who, thanks to its organization, have directly benefited from the production and marketing of its coffee with greater added value through organic production and direct trade.