The Peruvian Association of Cocoa Producers - APPCACAO is the national guild of cocoa producers that was born on October 14, 2004 within the framework of the II National Cocoa Meeting held in the city of Tingo María-Peru.
APPCACAO represents more than 30,000 cocoa producers distributed in its 26 partner organizations, with an approximate of 60,000 hectares in production and average annual yields that range from 500 to 1,000 kg per hectare.
The purpose of APPCACAO is to reduce the differences in profitability among all producers, giving full freedom in information on international prices and working methods or pricing.

Our mission:
Promote the image, production, productivity and consumption of Peruvian cacao and its derivatives at the national and international levels, strengthening the cacao sector's foundations with a focus on sustainability as well as social, environmental, and gender responsibility.

Our vision:
To be the representative and democratic national organization of quality and fine flavor cacao producers, generating and promoting integral and sustainable development of the cacao sector's foundations and positioning it in both national and international markets.