Brazilian Soluble Coffee Industry Association Abics
About Brazilian Soluble Coffee Industry Association Abics

ABICS (Brazilian Soluble Coffee Industry Association) was created in 1972 to institutionally represent the soluble coffee industry in Brazil. The six associated companies, among the seven operating in the country are: Cacique, Café Iguaçu, Nestlé, Cocam, Realcafé and Café Campinho.

ABICS work is focused on expanding markets for the Brazilian soluble, apart from mobilizing efforts within the sector towards improvements in quality, sustainability and technological innovation, based on strategical articulation and political engagement in order to proactively secure the industry’s interests.

ABICS represents a modern, organized and highly relevant industry both nationally and internationally. Thanks to the competent performance of these companies, Brazil continues to be a world leader in the production and exports of soluble coffee since the 1960s.