Charles Tyrwhitt

United Kingdom
About Charles Tyrwhitt

Once upon a shirt, Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler had the notion that he could make a better shirt at better value than anyone else in the world! He believed that all men; no matter their shape or size, where they may be in the world or indeed their budget; should be able to own a Jermyn Street quality shirt. A proper shirt. A CT shirt.

That was over 3 decades ago and whilst Charles Tyrwhitt (it rhymes with spirit by the way) is still famous for proper shirts, these days they are about so much more than collars and cuffs. Their purpose is to “make it easy for men to dress well”. They take care of a chap’s entire wardrobe, providing stylish solutions for every occasion. They make sure he gets what he wants, when and how he wants it.

Charles Tyrwhitt’s spiritual home and flagship store is located on London’s Jermyn Street. Their Global Head Office (Tyrwhitt Towers as it’s affectionately known) is in London Bridge. They have two Contact Centres in the UK serving customers worldwide. Their USA Head Office is in Manhattan (naturally) and they have retail and/or online presence across North America, Europe and Australia. Pretty impressive hey?

Tyrwhitteers (our people) are a diverse, passionate and entrepreneurial bunch. They enjoy a fun, engaging and rewarding culture, where everyone is empowered by their 3 BE-liefs which are; “BE the BOSS”, “BE the CUSTOMER” and “BE the BEST”. Together they celebrate, innovate and strive to achieve greatness in all things. Three cheers for the Tyrwhitteers!

Their future is exciting: expansion, growth, creativity… global domination! In truth; the Tale of Tyrwhitt has only just begun.