C.I. Color Siete S.A.S.

About C.I. Color Siete S.A.S.

For more than 30 years, Color Siete has been creating, innovating and exceeding expectations in the fashion industry; our brands treasure our history and potential for growth. Inspired by a time-honored heritage of craftsmanship and quality, Color Siete, Rose Pistol, and Jack Supplies are establishing a local and international client base that recognize our brands as innovators in fashion and style and as those few, that still cherish quality and long lasting products.
On the other hand Color Siete provides a sophisticated one-stop shop solution to meet customer's needs. From design to finished product, our services can cover the entire spectrum of the product development life cycle. We innovate and develop products with the highest standards while meeting the needs of our costumers through competitive pricing, true quality and reliable delivery.