Quality Assurance International
United States
About Quality Assurance International
Commitment As a pioneer in the organic industry for more than 25 years, QAI is a leading advocate for certified organic production. We are committed to fostering increased consumer trust in the organic label by: Certifying organic integrity to national and international programs Providing an efficient, timely and thorough certification process Updating you on regulation changes through education and training Innovating solutions for the growing organic market Protecting our environment History Workers prepare organic cookies for packaging. Quality Assurance International (QAI) was founded in 1989 and began certifying agricultural products to the California standard as there was then no national organic standard. Due to the complicated and evolving state of the standard at that time, QAI established itself by taking a methodical and regulatory approach to the certification process. We believe that consumer trust in organic claims can only be guaranteed through rigorous verification, inspection and assurance practices.