LEADERS IN VOLUME AND SALES: In the last 5 years we have maintained a sustained growth of more than 20% based on the continuous expansion of our services and a consistent geographical expansion. During the last campaign we have carried out up to 20 different types of AUDIT and CERTIFICATION, 3,140 clients and more than 25 different products covering more than 410,000 hectares of cultivation. AGRICULTURAL LEADERS TRUST US: We are proud to have among our clients the best agri-food producers on the national scene. Leaders by dimension, specialization and, most importantly, leaders for their commitment to quality. WE ARE NEAR YOU: We have seven delegations spread over the most important cultivation areas nationwide because we want to be close to you and know in depth the reality of your business. A TEAM OF EXPERTS: More than 50 experts in agronomic and industrial engineering. Our continuous training program allows us to remain at the forefront of knowledge in the area of ​​agri-food AUDIT and CERTIFICATION. CONSTRUCTION CERTIFICATION: Only from understanding can we help you in the continuous process of quality improvement. We are always willing to listen to you to improve our CERTIFICATION processes. WITH THE BEST MARKET CONDITIONS: We invite you to CERTIFY with us. You can experience the agility of our system with the best rates in the market and with total transparency. All this with the guarantee provided by ENAC (National Accreditation Entity) if your certification is accredited.