Agricultural Board
About Agricultural Board

WE CARE AND ARE RELIABLE We respect and acknowledge our colleaugues and partners. We value each other´s thoughts and ideas. Together, we guarantee a friendly office, and an operational environment. We are honest and ethical in our activities. We are demanding on ourselves and others. We take responsibility and keep promises. We dare to express our opinions. WE VALUE COOPERATION AND ARE COMMITED We consider it important for all employees to be involved in the organizational development process. We act together for common goals. We appreciate the work that each of us does. We work with our heart. WE ACT BASED ON KONWLEDGE We value innovation and new knowledge. We are aware of processes and their causes and consequences and our action in it. We exert preventive actions. WE KEEP ENVIRONMENT We deem that clean environment is a treasure. We take into account all direct and indirect consequences of our actions. In daily activities we behave environmentally sustainable.