A CERT European Organization for Certification S.A. is Inspection and Certification Body for Management Systems, Products and Persons, founded by professionals with expertise and extensive experience in the certification area. A CERT headquarters are in Thessaloniki and keeps offices in Germany (Stuttgart), Belgium (Brussels), the Russian Federation (Moscow), Bulgaria (Sofia). It has strategic alliances worldwide and a wide network of partners and representatives (Albania, FYROM, Serbia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, etc.), in order to remain close to its customers and the markets in which they are addressed to. Fundamental importance for all of us in A CERT, is the protection of reliability, health and safety, considering the public interest and sustainable development, by offering valid and esteemed inspection and certification services. For this purpose we dedicate a great part of our resources, by investing in high technology and professionals with integrity and high level of skills and know how. With rapid business development, A CERT certifies companies, organizations and institutions in the private and public sector.